A Case Study: The Repositioning of 1999 - Step 2


  • Glass: 20% more window line per occupied square foot than any other Class A building in the CBD
  • Efficiency: 6% loss factor for full floor users
  • Demolished all unworkable existing configurations in vacancies, thus exploiting the window line, views and the two efficient rectangles that comprise the “A” shaped configuration.


  • The timeless quality and signature architecture of the 1999 exterior needed to be continued through redeveloped interior spaces. A rich, warm, class A interior would cement the status of 1999 among the class A buildings in the market. A first-class CBD lobby would help overcome other objections to the property and distinguish it from lesser properties with which it competes. A wholesale but cost efficient change was required:
  • Eliminating the deli not only reoriented but expanded the lobby creating a real sense of space, exploiting the 20’ window line and softening the lobby with more natural light
  • The rich, flame cut verde granite floor was retained but the metal ceiling was replaced. Seating “pods” with warm colors, lush area rugs and soft woods were introduced with drop lighting to soften hard surfaces/edges
  • Scale and intrigue were added to the expansive open, high ceiling lobby with suspended and wall art, creating a “lobby art museum” that accentuates the unique nature of 1999’s artful design outside…brought to the inside
  • The security image was softened from white shirt and badge with little tenant contact to sport coat and tie, service orientation and greetings by name